Content that Converts: the Key to Generating Leads For Your Property

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Content that Converts: the Key to Generating Leads For Your Property

Author: Cyndi Oaxaca

When writing content for their property, a lot of real estate professionals are eager to write about all the great luxuries their complex can provide. Our suggestion to these people? Slow down. While this is certainly important information that deems some exposure, this should not be the focus of every piece of content you write. Instead, take careful consideration into your goals and buyer persona in order to create content that converts.


Tying Content to Campaigns

Thinking in terms of inbound campaigns is a great way to optimize your digital marketing content to maximize conversion. When forming a campaign, you should be focusing either on a single persona and pain point, or two personas who may share a pain point, so long as there’s enough overlap in their needs. Understanding the persona you’re targeting, the issue you’re seeking to solve, and the goals of the campaign are all important to driving your content. 


Another factor in campaigns is considering the buyer’s journey. Always write content for each stage of the journey, rather than just focusing on sales. What if a potential buyer reaches your site before the purchasing point, and is still gathering information on his or her options? For people at this awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, sales-focused content can be an agitate and mask any content that serves up information relevant to their needs because the potential buyer feels like they’re being “sold to” rather than “educated.”


By shifting your focus to educating content that’s not brand- or sales-driven (unless you’re in the decision stage content), you become a reliable and trusted source for this awareness-level buyer, who will eventually move through the buyer’s journey to make a purchase decision. If that buyer then remembers the pertinent content that you provided at the awareness level – say a good neighborhood guide – they may choose your property over another competing property.

Remembering the three stages: Awareness (recognizing a problem or need), Consideration(discovering solutions to the problem or need), and Decision (choosing the solution for the problem or need) is key to building a cache of content that can speak to your persona across different levels and convert appropriately.

Persona-Driven Content = Content that Delights

Buyer personas are an integral function in the success of inbound marketing, particularly inbound marketing in real estate. Why is that? For one, writing directly to personas, that is, speaking to their needs, places a value on the personas beliefs and mindsets. It makes the persona feel that they’re not alone, while addressing a problem or concern that they are having. The power of this feeling creates a positive perception of the content and its creator—your brand.

A clear voice in the midst of online information that can often be unrelated or altogether conflicting, creates a sense of authority and thought leadership. This also makes your brand trusted. Furthermore, writing in a style they prefer, and placing that content in places they frequent, all serve to present the content in a way that is easily digested and accessible.

These methods ultimately serve to delight that persona. And a delighted persona usually makes for a happy customer. What does a happy customer mean? In the world of real estate, it usually translates to retention. Happy customers also make for great promoters, who can bring new tenants aboard as they extend your reach. In creating content that’s persona driven, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped.

While it can be tempting for any business to want to present the maximum information that speaks to their services and reflects the positive aspects of their business, the best methodology is to hold off. Content is the core of how we are perceived online, and creating content that converts is the key to continuing quality lead generation for your property. By following a persona driven content strategy those leads can become a reality.



Cyndi Oaxaca is a Content Strategist for Criterion.B an agency focused on branding and inbound marketing for the commercial real estate and multifamily housing industry.”