Meet Our Industry Partners

AAA has the pleasure of partnering with multiple organizations that are working to make our industry better than ever! Get to know each organization, and why we are proud to partner with them below.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Our partnership with ACFB has lasted for more than 30 years. Together, we host the Food-A-Thon food drive and parade where our members work with their residents and clients to collect food and cash donations to make a difference in the lives of the food insecure population of Atlanta. Throughout the year, 67,000,000 meals will be distributed to people in need, and AAA is proud to be part of that solution! If you're a member and looking to learn more about participating in Food-A-Thon, email our Events Department

Do You Recycle? Challenge

Do You Recycle? Challenge is a year-long pursuit to educate, motivate, and improve the health of apartment communities through recycling. AAA is working alongside Live Thrive - Center for Hard to Recycle Materials and The Recycling Partnership on engaging our members to participate in this challenge. Learn more about participating in this challenge here

Move for Hunger

Have you ever been in the process of moving and realized you have food in your pantry you don't want to bother with moving to your next home? Move for Hunger is the solution! AAA, and many of our members, have partnered with Move for Hunger to help gather food items that are donated or left behind from previous residents, and instead of allowing that food to go to waste, the food is taken by Move for Hunger to a local food bank such as our partner, the Atlanta Community Food Bank. You can learn more about Move for Hunger by visiting their website.

Open Doors

The mission of Open Doors is simple, ensure that homes will always be available to people exiting homelessness. The Atlanta Apartment Association works with Open Doors to connect them with our Owner Manager members to find available spaces to fill for those in need quickly. Currently, Open Doors places over 1,000 people into affordable homes in Atlanta each year. We are happy to be part of the process! Check out Open Doors' website to learn more and read success stories.