Membership Renewal FAQ

How did you calculate 2024 membership dues?

  • Owner/Manager members
    • 0-100 units: $180
    • 101-300 units: $330
    • 301+ units: $628
  • Apartment Community members pay $1.80 for each unit
  • Associate Members pay $469 annually

I used to get two separate invoices but now only see one. What changed?

AAA wanted to have a simpler, more streamlined renewal process this year. For those apartment community members that use GAA Forms and Leases, you would normally receive three  separate invoices: one for membership dues, a separate one for the Forms and Leases subscription, and yet a third invoice from Blue Moon for the software license. We're simply combining the dues and forms invoices into one, making your renewal that much easier!

When are these invoices due?

Invoices are due upon receipt. AAA can terminate membership access for open dues balances beginning Monday, January 3, 2024.

How did you calculate our GAA Forms and Leases amount?

GAA Forms and Leases are the gold standard for apartment leases in Georgia. This subscription is available for $3/unit (with a minimum charge of $150) + a $15 administrative fee. This subscription also provides access to the GAA Apartment Law Book.


For apartment communities with less than 50 units, we have introduced our new Small Owner Package! The charge for this package is $5/unit (minimum charge of $100) + a $10 administrative fee. However, small owners will not pay an annual license fee for the Blue Moon software, saving $325 per year! 

For example: A community with 20 units would pay $485 under current pricing, but will now only owe $115.

We use NAA Forms. Where is that invoice?

The National Apartment Association will send that invoice separately.

When will we get a Blue Moon software invoice?

Blue Moon invoices renewals for the software license based on the anniversary of when you first signed on with them. It could come at any point in the year whereas our dues and forms renewals always come at the end of the calendar year.

For questions about membership dues, please contact the Member Relations Department.

For questions about GAA Forms and Leases, please contact us here.