Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

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Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

 Author: Ashley Tyndall

 In order for a multifamily developer to be successful, they must approach their target residents where they are. In the past, this meant placing billboards on their route to work or an advertisement on an apartment search site. As technology has radically evolved, digital marketing has changed the way companies must work in order to keep appealing to target residents.

 Digital marketing trends that apartment communities and developers should be aware of include the growth of augmented reality, live videos, increased personalization, and native advertising. When a company is willing to evolve with the development of technology, they will always stay ahead of the game. Keep your strategy relevant by adopting some of these new forms of digital marketing:



 Chatbots are the small chat windows that pop up at the bottom of a web page, offer assistance, and answer any questions you may have. Some people choose to interact with these bots, while others ignore them. But not for long. Chatbots gain intelligence with each interaction they have, making them more effective by reading the user’s needs. They also give the company time back that they may have previously spent answering customer concerns.

 Chatbots are effective in marketing because they help promote your apartments, gain resident insight, personalize your brand and community, and increase engagement. It gives your web page a human-like interaction that customers would not get otherwise. As Chatbots gain traction in the digital marketing community, they will become increasingly effective and lead to more customers using them. Rather than relying solely on leasing offices and manual messaging, Chatbots will be able to quickly answer questions that potential and current residents have, allowing you to gather more accurate data about your residents.