Entegrity Smart Property Systems

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Organization Overview

Entegrity Smart Property Systems makes it easy for property managers to provide secure access for building entrances, individual units, amenities, parking and more to ensure the right individuals have access and unwanted visitors are kept out. Residents simply use their smartphone to unlock doors, gates and more - no more losing or sharing cards, fobs or keypad codes. We offer solutions for every type of door (deadbolts, mortise, crash bars, etc). Our Bluetooth controllers and Entegrity Smart Locks are easy to install and do not require network or Wi-Fi configuration. Grant access to new residents with the click of a button using our web-based portal. And when a resident ends their lease – simply revoke access and keys will be removed from the Smart app without having to collect back a card or fob or change the keypad code. Securely let in visitors of all kinds. We offer a video intercom that requires no network or panel installation for frequent access, and a VIZitor Access Service for temporary access. If there’s an incident in any of the areas, simply check the audit trail to see who had entered that area during a particular timeframe.

The Entegrity Smart Property System allows property managers to ensure only authorized residents have access - eliminating issues of unauthorized renters, illegal sub-leasing, Airbnb rentals and more. Integration is also available for many properties' management software.


Wendi Grinnell

Vice President

Leana Wolters

Director of Sales

Areas of Expertise

Access Control Systems, Locks