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Food-A-Thon & Can Can Ball

2019 AAA Food-A-Thon & Can Can Ball - Helping to feed the hungry in the Atlanta Metropolitan area!

   2020 Food-A-Thon Parade and Block Party
                                             Friday, November 13th - Atlanta Community Food Bank                                                                                                10:30 am                                            

What is Food-A-Thon?

The Food-A-Thon is an annual food drive coordinated by the Atlanta Apartment Association and its membership.  It is the annual community service project of the Atlanta Apartment Association.  All food items collected are donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank to help thousands of people who are in need.  Each year, the Food-A-Thon is the single most significant contribution made to a charitable organization by the Atlanta Apartment Association.

To celebrate the efforts of our annual Food Drive and all our hard work, the Can Can Ball was founded, bringing our community together. With these two spectacular events, we are proud to announce that this has become the largest food drive in the country

Click here to donate online to the Atlanta Community Food Bank!

 2020 Can Can Ball
                                                              Friday, August 21st -The Fairmont                                                              8:00 pm        

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