This page has answers to common exhibitor questions

For ALL information in one place, download the show Exhibitor Manual HERE.

The official show contractor for the AAA Trade Show is RPMxpo. 

All registration for the show is through Eleventh & Gather.

Don't have a booth yet? Find show information and registration HERE.

    Basic Booth Checklist

    Wondering what information you need to successful exhibit in the AAA show? Use this checklist to guide you.

    • My company's membership dues are paid for 2024.
    • My company has received a booth confirmation for our booth# and the balance has been paid. Click to view the show floorplan.
    • I understand we are REQUIRED to have a floor covering in our booth. I will bring it in during show load-in OR have ordered* from the official show contractors* Find carpet ordering form HERE.
    • I understand that each 10' x 10' booth includes 5 exhibitor badges, and I can purchase 5 more for an additional $100 each. I have registered my booth personnel no later than Friday, April 12th or I will face a penalty of $100 per badge registered. Click to visit badge registration. 

    ** If the booth was reserved on April 8th or later, this timeline does not apply. Please allow 1 week after your booth confirmation to receive your login to order badges and booth materials.

    • I understand there WILL NOT be a table or chair in my booth upon arrival. I will load-in our own furnishings, OR have ordered* from the official show contractors* Find table & chair order form HERE.
    • I understand that any giveaways from my booth CANNOT contain food or beverages unless I have submitted appropriate approval permits to the Cobb Galleria, no later than May 1st. Click to find F&B permitting.
    • I understand that if my exhibit will include a vehicle, I MUST submit a vehicle authorization form, no later than April 15th. Click to visit Permits
    • My company has reviewed the load in times for the show. Load-In Information
    • My team understands that the large loading doors will only be open the day prior to, and the day after the show. Anything I bring with me on May 15th is able to fit through a standard doorway.
    • I'm aware that AAA never will provide an attendee list. If I receive an email that advertises a list, it is a phishing scam that I will block & ignore the sender. Instead, if I would like a post show list, I will sign up for show lead retrieval through Eleventh & Gather.  Lead Retrieval Form

    For more FAQ's click HERE or refer to page 4 in the exhibitor manual. 

    *the date listed in the exhibitor kit is the last day to claim early pricing.

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    What is included in the reservation?

    All aisle booths will be provided with 8’ high backdrop drapes, 33” high side drapes and a 7”x44” sign indicating the booth number and company name of exhibitor. In keeping with the uniformity of the Show, Exhibitors must use the backdrop drapes provided by the Atlanta Apartment Association.

    Island booths cannot exceed 16 feet high. Drape is not provided for island booths, but exhibitor may order it at their expense. Any area deemed “unsightly” behind drape or pop-up booths must be covered by drape at exhibitor’s expense.

    For more details on the booth, click HERE.

    To order additional draping for your space, use THIS form. 

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    When can I set up and take down my booth?

    Booth Load-In will take place on Tuesday, May 14th from 8 am - 5 pm.

    The times below help us to minimize congestion at the loading dock from all exhibitors arriving at the same time. If you cannot make your assigned time but will arrive before 5pm, that is fine.

    If you WILL NOT set up your booth on Tuesday, May 14th, you must notify the AAA event's team that you intend to do a "walk-in" setup. 

    Walk-In Set Up Information: For those that do not have much to set up in the booth, the exhibit hall will open on the 15th starting at 10am.

    REMINDER the large loading doors will not be open that day so anything you bring will need to fit through a standard doorway. The hall exhibit hall will close at 12: 30 pm for the opening ceremony outside the doors to the hall. 

    At the completion of the show, you will be allowed to hand carry items out of the exhibit hall but will NOT be granted re-entry until the next day. Anything leaving the exhibit hall on Wednesday, May 15th will need to be accompanied by THIS property removal form that will be checked by security while exiting. 

    Booth Load - Out will take place on Thursday, May 16th from 8 am - noon.

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    Important Reminders

    Each 10' x 10' booth includes 5 exhibitor badges, and an additional 5 can be purchased for $100 each. 

    All personnel that will be at the booth on Wednesday, May 15th will need a badge. You must register these no later than Friday, April 12th***  or will face a penalty of $100 per badge registered.

    Click to visit exhibitor badge registration.

    *** If the booth was reserved on April 8th or later, this timeline does not apply. Please allow 1 week after your booth confirmation to receive your login to order badges and booth materials

    Looking for your registration pass-code? Check in your blocked or spam emails for an e-mail from 

    The primary contact listed on your booth confirmation will have the option for account recovery on the sign-in page to access your company's account. Otherwise call the number at the top of the registration website for assistance. 

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    What else should my team know before the show?

    • This Show welcomed over 1800 Multifamily Professionals last year! This year, we aim to surpass that number with YOU!

    Ordering Information

    To order* from RPMxpo , the official general service contractor of for the 2024 Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show, review these forms and contact RPMxpo using the information at the top left of the pages. 

    • Find full standard booth setup options HERE.
    • Click HERE for all booth accessories & furnishings.
    • Find carpet ordering form HERE.
    • Find table & chair order form HERE.
    • Find graphic and artwork printing information HERE
    • Order plants and floral arrangements HERE.

      *the date listed on the exhibitor forms is the last day to claim advanced pricing.

    Audio visual ordering information can be found HERE.  If you need power to connect anything, you must request that separately through the Cobb Galleria. 

    All utility services, technology, and booth catering are available through the Cobb Galleria Centre's Service Department. Visit their website, click "ORDER SERVICES NOW", scroll to this Trade Show on May 15th, create a login if you don't have one already, and select the services you need. Ordering items at the show will result in a same-day surcharge and be subject to on-site availability. NO CASH!

     Attendee Lists

    Some exhibitors may have received an e-mail advertising a complete attendee list for this event. AAA never provides attendee lists for our events. If anyone has advertised an attendee list, it is fake and they are just looking to get card information. 

    Our show has the option to sign up for lead retrieval services to get a list of attendees that you interact with and scan the barcode on their badges for a list of specialized leads you receive after the show. You can sign up for lead retrieval using this form, or it comes included in our highest tiered advertising option.

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    I need someone to...

    If your booth requires labor of ANY kind, including but not limited to installation & dismantling of booth displays, forklift, vacuuming & porter services, please complete one of THESE forms and return to the contact listed on the page.

    To have a sign hung in your booth rental, please complete THESE documents.

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    Safety, Liability, Permits & Insurance

    Indemnification and Insurance: Exhibitor specifically agrees to indemnify and hold harmless both Atlanta Apartment Association and the Galleria Centre from any and all liability and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, for personal injury and property damage or loss arising from or in connection with the use by Exhibitor of its exhibit space or its activities in connection therewith. Exhibitor will, if requested by Atlanta Apartment Association, furnish certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance coverage including broad form CGL endorsed providing limits of $1,000,000 combined single limit bodily injury property damage which may be incurred by Exhibitor from whatever cause.

    If your exhibit contains a vehicle, you MUST adhere to and complete THIS VEHICLE FORM and submit this at least 30 days prior to the show.

    For more details on limits of liability & show safety, visit HERE.

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    I need my booth shipped or stored

    All storage and shipment information and forms can be found HERE.

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    How can we increase visibility for the show?

    Want your logo on the show map? Add a logo and more to enhance your booth profile by signing up for Interactive Floor Plan Advertising

    Already signed up? Email your package contents to and we'll upload it to the map. The sooner you send content the more exposure you get!

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    How can I ensure we have the same or better booth location for 2025?

    Plan Early for the next Trade Show and reserve your space before we open it to other members. As an exhibitor this year you get to take first pick of booths for next year's show!

    Click here for the 2025 Trade Show Contract.

    To view the 2025 Trade Show Floor Plan Click HERE. Hoover over a booth or see the block at the bottom of your contract for booth pricing.

    All exhibitors that submit 2025 contracts prior to 4:30 on May 15th will be entered into a drawing for two $1,250 vouchers to be credited towards your 2025 booth. The drawing will be held at the close of the 2024 Show. Email your completed contract to or bring it to booth #900 during the show. 

    • All contracts require a minimum 50% deposit with the application.
    • All major credit cards accepted.
    • All booth deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

    No exhibitors are GUARANTEED their space for upcoming shows. All contracts received with deposit by Wednesday, May 15th at 5pm will be placed in the order they were received, with consideration given first to exhibitors with larger than 10' x 10' space. We will not check to see if someone already provided a booth choice. List multiple options so we do not have to contact you if your first choices are no longer available. 

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    I'm traveling for this show, is there a hotel block?

    There is not an official host hotel or hotel block for this event. For those attending from out of town, you can find the hotels closest to the Cobb Galleria, some even walking distance, online here

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