Multifamily Technology Showcase

August 14, 2019

8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Cobb Galleria Centre

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Sieberg

The CEO and founder of iO, former Google spokesperson and overall expert in technology, innovation and future trends. 

Come hear from Daniel Sieberg about why YOU need to know more about A.I. - before it's too late.

A.I. or artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere these days but what does it really mean for us mere humans? And what's the difference between A.I. and empathic A.I. and artificial general intelligence? Are we all doomed as slaves to the machines or could it help us become "more human"? The truth lies somewhere in between and tech expert, author and entrepreneur Daniel Sieberg will outline the origins, promise and hype of A.I. and specifically how it is currently affecting issues ranging from self-driving cars to manufacturing to personal devices - and importantly the trends taking place in the public housing space.

Why Technology?

It’s simple.

• Recent research shows that renters not only want technology to be a part of their renting experience—they expect it. Technology plays a large role in every stage of a renter’s experience, beginning with how potential renters find and apply for apartments. Over 60% of prospective renters surveyed only look online for a place to live.

• Technology improvements such as smart thermostats and new appliances can give a community edge over the competition and justify higher rents.

• By the end of 2018, predictions are that 20 percent of households will have adopted some sort of home automation using smart devices—and that smart home automation devices of all kinds will be mainstream within five years. Almost a quarter of renters already own a virtual personal assistant (VPA), and half of those looking to rent say they’re at least “somewhat more likely” to rent for a free smart device.

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