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Formerly Georgia Apartment Industry Education Foundation

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The Georgia Apartment Association Foundation or GAAF (formerly the Georgia Apartment Industry Education Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes career opportunities within the apartment industry.  

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GAAF's History

GAAF was formed in 2004 by industry leaders that recognized the need for career promotion as well as an education platform that prepared individuals to enter the apartment industry. While Virginia Tech was the first university to offer specific curriculum focused on Residential Property Management over 25 years ago, very little progress had been made on the national level to develop a formalized recruitment strategy or customized curriculum for managing multifamily communities. The apartment management profession was viewed as a job that one "fell into by chance." Today our industry is recognized as a "career of choice" across the nation, primarily as result of over 14 years of hard work and dedication by Georgia's most visionary leaders forging partnerships with Georgia's educators. 

GAAF would like to send our appreciation to the founding companies:


GAAF's Core Purpose

Promote the wide range of career opportunities within the industry 

Establish strategic partnerships to expand industry awareness

Attract talent to the apartment industry

Equip individuals with the knowledge/skills necessary to enter the industry 

Connect employers with potential candidates

GAAF Partnerships

GAAF has streamlined operational efficiencies, which has allowed GAAF to expand its programs. Areas of concentration include:

Connectivity - to create a platform for employers, students, educators and other stakeholders to share opportunities and resources.

Awareness - to promote GAAF's mission to GAA/AAA members.

Fundraising - through the Peggy Waskom Bowl-a-Thon, GAAF will raise funds to support activities in the five pillars described below:

         High Schools

GAAF will work with high schools that have related pathways to promote RPM. Examples include providing teaching materials, subject matter experts, and case studies. 

        Career Academies

Within the Career Academy Network, GAAF will participate in career expos and guest lectures to provide advisory support, job shadowing opportunities, work-based learning, apprenticeships and part-time employment.

         Technical Colleges

Target areas include career academies and technical colleges in proximity to GAA chapter associations, including Chattahoochee Tech, Georgia Piedmont Tech, Athens Tech, Savannah Tech and Columbus Tech,

         Four Year Colleges and Universities 

GAAF will support the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Kennesaw State University by participating in teaching courses, providing guest lectures, hosting career fairs and special events.

         Workforce Development Programs

GAAF will partner with workforce organizations to promote career opportunities. Activities include hosting industry spotlight events and mini-workshops related to skill-based training. 

GAAF's Envisioned Future

GAAF will work closely with the University System of Georgia and other organizations to identify opportunities to build a pipeline of skilled talent through career promotion and education for entry into the industry. By identifying those colleges in Georgia that are located near career academies and technical colleges, GAAF can leverage its resources and advance its mission.

High Schools + Career Academies + Colleges + Universities + Workforce Organizations = SUCCESS


GAAF Partnerships With Education

In a way to highlight GAAF’s accomplishments, the past milestones have been recapped in the following videos. It is a wonderful overview of where our students are being placed and the variety of positions they are succeeding in. Our strongest accomplishment is the partnership between the Department of Education, which has been paramount in our success.